Blockchain Disruption: 58 Industries Set to Change Forever Part 1

The Future of Blockchain Is Near

Banking is probably the most talked-about when blockchain disrupts different industries. But blockchain is set to transform and change many industries forever as we know it, from law enforcement, ride-hailing, healthcare, and more. By 2023, $16 billion will move into blockchain companies and technology, which shows no sign of slowing down.

Finance Institutions

Bye, Bye Banks

When talking about blockchain technology, everyone almost goes straight to banking. Banks have a reputation for tampering with customers' information, making them pay more fees without knowing or removing cash. Blockchain changes everything with its tamper-proof ledgers safeguarding transaction information. This change is the beginning; from a bird’s eye view, banks have always served as a hub for storing value, something blockchain is changing.

Hedge Funds and the Stock Market

The stock market and hedge fund sectors have been incredibly profitable; blockchain could alter that forever. Many companies have looked to make buying, selling, and trading stocks easier and simpler for anyone. For the last few years, many partnerships have been developing, showing many business leaders in the stock market see the writing on the wall.

The Future of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding isn’t free from the disruption blockchain brings with it. Crowdfunding allowed an ordinary person to invest directly into different projects backed by innovative entrepreneurs.



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