Blockchain Disruption: 58 Industries Set to Change Forever Part 3 Travel & Mobility

The World of Automotive Manufacturing

The blockchain does so well that it can keep track of assets because records are permanent and automatically done; there’s no chance of human error or fraud. Automotive manufacturers can see where their next order of parts is, how soon they’ll arrive, and if there are any delays.

How We Buy and Lease Cars

Historically, the experience of buying or selling a vehicle has been a messy process, but the blockchain can change everything for good. In 2015, VISA partnered up with a transaction management start-up called DocuSign. Users could click, sign, and send their documents, making vehicle transfer much faster.

The Future of Ride-Hailing

With blockchain, companies like Uber and Lyft could easily keep track of all transactions, control fleets of drivers, and develop a more user-centric business model. This new business is successful because it allows companies to change as customer demands change, keeping them dynamic and flexible to customer tastes and trends.



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