Blockchain Disruption: 58 Industries Set to Change Forever Part 4 Travel & Mobility

The Trucking Landscape

What the trucking landscape will look like in the future could easily be unrecognizable from years past. By implementing blockchain technologies, trucking companies can easily track, record, and see what delays any shipments might be experiencing.

What it Means for Aerospace and Defense Sectors

Recent studies by Accenture found that over 61% of all aerospace and defense companies are already beginning to harness the powers of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology could change the streamlining process for parts inventory and authentication, employee certification, etc.

What Air Travel Will Look Like

What does blockchain have to do with air travel? Well, as it turns out, a lot. We could see considerable improvements in making air travel safer and more convenient. Things could become a lot easier very soon with all the information needed for booking a flight, from your name, birth date, credit card information, passport specifics, and everything else.

Improvements to Hospitality

Hotels everywhere typically lose 10% to 15% of their revenues simply from third-party booking services. For those small chains and independently owned hotels, that’s a huge problem that cuts into their bottom line, which tends to lose between 18% to 22% on average.



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