How COVID-1 Changed the Cybersecurity Landscape, Forever

The Risks of Remote Work with No Cybersecurity

At the pandemic’s start, governments actively encouraged employees and companies to work remotely. The implications of this are that as people became more accustomed to mixing their personal and professional lives with working from home, there were unintended consequences.

Video Conferencing Services Threatened Too

Video conferencing platforms are also at risk for cyberattacks, not something many people would think about, but it’s true. Over half a million were victims of data breaches, putting their personal information, passwords, and email addresses at risk, most likely to be sold on the dark web. A great example of such attacks was between February 2020 to May 2020.

There’s A Real Need for Cybersecurity

Companies everywhere can have peace of mind and still go about business as usual with the right level of cybersecurity protection for remote work. Many business leaders, not all but many, are under the impression that remote work would somehow disappear once the pandemic settled.



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