In The News: Square Enix, Newest Gamin Giant to Join Oasys in Developing Blockchain Games

As of today, Square Enix, a renowned Japanese game development firm, has announced it’s joining the blockchain gaming start-up Oasys. This partnership primarily focuses on delivering a premium user experience that could potentially shape the blockchain gaming industry for years.

Square Enix, responsible for delivering over 173 million Final Fantasy games, is a world-class entertainment company looking to claim the top spot in the video game industry.

Daiki Moriyama, Director of Oasys, states, “To partner with a respected and ambitious gaming company such as Square Enix helps us to accelerate our collective mission to bring blockchain gaming to the masses. With our partnership, we will be able to truly bring new experiences and empower gaming fans from all backgrounds while helping to establish the next stage of growth for blockchain entertainment.”

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