Pegasus Spyware: How it Can Hack Your Phone, And You Won’t Even Know it.

Snapshot On How It Works

The Israeli firm known as the NSO Group continues to up its capabilities and technical approaches to breach into devices of high-powered individuals. Using a zero-click attack approach, Pegasus spyware has become the status of the deadliest spyware available on the market. Users can be victims and not even know it.

Reports of Recent Attacks

Recently, in 2019 WhatsApp found that NSO had tampered with the communication app and been using it to send malware to over 1,400 phones using this zero-day vulnerability strategy. How NSO did this was by placing a call to the WhatsApp app on the specific device that is the target. Pegasus spyware was installed on the phone, even if the call wasn’t answered.

Ongoing Research

But there is hope; Claudio Guarnieri, who heads Amnesty International’s Berlin-based Security Lab, has done some ongoing technical research and found evidence of breadcrumbs indicating how Pegasus will show up on a device what it leaves behind. Guarnieri states that as things become more complex for targets to find if they’ve been a victim of spyware, so does the technical research side.

We Aren’t in The Clear Yet.

NSO has backup strategies to summon when spear-phishing or zero-click attacks fail quickly. Pegasus is free to go on to any device through a wireless transceiver located close to the device. This breach is done manually by installing an “agent that can steal the target’s phone.”

NSO and Its Courtroom Battles

At this very moment, highly paid lawyers representing NSO are claiming that Amnesty International’s technical report is speculative at best; the funny part is that they didn’t fight any of the report’s findings or conclusions.



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