SaaS Security: It Turns Out Our Devices Are a New Weak Point

Recently, it’s come to light that hackers have found a new way to infiltrate a company’s network through mobile devices. By employees using their phones or computers to get their job done, cybercriminals are also finding new ways to get their job done; through misconfigurations used as entry points.

If a device isn’t updated or doesn’t have the proper security protection, it can quickly put an entire organization at risk of being attacked. With that comes a rise in Endpoint (Device) Protection, using what is known as EDR, XDR, and vulnerability management solutions to fight this new issue.

The dilemma is blending employees’ roles and permissions with specific platforms while trying to remain compliant with these new security measures. Security companies like Adaptive Shield are leading the way in protecting SaaS users and their related devices, providing cutting-edge features like a device’s hygiene score.

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