The Future of Gaming on the Blockchain: VisionGame

The Back Story of VisionGame

In recent years, blockchain games have experienced extraordinary engagement among gamers, with deeper blockchain integrations and new economic models that could reward participants, compensating them with valuable tokens and other items in trade for playing: a Play-to-Earn approach.

More on VisionGame

The drawbacks of development complexity were felt not just by developers but also by users. Despite the impressive capabilities of blockchain, the additional know-how and resources interfere with creating the perfect gameplay experience. Users must undergo an extensive and confusing onboarding process, requiring an upfront payment.

How it Works

The Vision SDK sits among your game and all those annoying blockchain functions, doing the drudge work for you. The Enjin-powered decentralized core layer provides your users secure and reliable access to their NFTs, guaranteeing that every in-game product they own does have a floor value.

A New Way of Fundraising

Securing the funds needed to build the next smash game can be a complicated and lengthy process. VisionGame aims to make your path to success as straightforward as possible, allowing you to concentrate entirely on what counts: your game.

The Future Looks Bright

What seems to be sure is that VisionGame is a complete game-changer for video games. The future looks bright for the gaming landscape. Blockchain will likely reshape the industry we know, making it unrecognizable shortly.



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