The World of NFTs and Its Dark Side

NFTs and Issues Around Theft

When it comes to NFTs, they seem to be all the rage; this is especially true within the art community. Suddenly, artists could sell their artwork and become established, making a name for themselves while also making a tidy profit in many cases. Fraudsters are always looking to cheat the system and make a quick buck where there’s money.

NFTs and the Impact on the Environment

Even digital art doesn’t mean our physical world isn’t somehow affected or damaged. When it comes to any discussion around NFTs, the environment is always on the back burner. The numbers show that for every NFT which goes up for auction, the effects work the same as flying a plane for over 2 hours.

NFTs and Investing

It’s difficult not to get hooked on the NFT market, hearing about how someone, somewhere, made millions by selling some mundane image. But as the saying goes, whatever goes up must come down. NFTs are no different; the bigger you can win, the more significant the loss; the danger lies.



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