Top 6 Companies Hiring Cybersecurity Experts in 2022

1. Deloitte

Known as the crème de la crème when it comes to jobs for cybersecurity experts, a career at Deloitte will help any aspiring professional stand out. With a massive 300,000 employees, Deloitte provides services ranging from audits, consulting, financial risk analysis, risk management, and many other services to companies across the globe.

2. ManTech

Established in 1968, ManTech specializes in contract work that focuses on completing technological projects for the American federal government. Providing a wide range of high-quality services such as software advancements in intelligence, defense, law enforcement, science, health, and administration.

3. Dynetics

Dynetics works with the US federal government in national security, defense, and critical infrastructure. Dynetics prides itself on offering quality services and cost-effective prices for government agencies and private automotive manufacturers as a high-tech company. Cybersecurity experts hired by Dynetics will gain hands-on experience in this industry.

4. Qualis

Qualis is a woman-owned firm with partnerships with the US Army, joint DoD (Dept of Defense), Missile Defense Agency, NASA, and the Navy. Qualis provides top-notch technical and engineering solutions for complex mission-critical industries. Entry-level cybersecurity experts will have a chance to perfect their methodologies and tools to perform system test analysis.

5. Varonis Systems

Varonis is an industry leader in producing accurate, quality data software to provide cutting-edge analytics capabilities. What Varonis Systems does so well is help clients harness the power of their data, allowing them to make more insightful decisions for their business.



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