Ukrainian Police Arrest Cybercriminals for Illegally Selling Data of 30 Million Accounts

The Ukrainian authorities have shared they’ve successfully neutralized a cybercriminal group stationed outside of Lviv, in the western part of the nation, conducting illegal activities on behalf of the Russian government. This specialized group of hackers worked to sell accounts and data of Ukrainian and EU citizens to the highest bidder on the dark web, netting a profit of $372 000.

The Ukrainian Security Service (SSU) stated that “their ‘wholesale clients’ were pro-kremlin propagandists. “It was them who used the received identification data of Ukrainian and foreign citizens to spread fake ‘news’ from the front and sow panic.”

Ultimately the goal of such a campaign was to cause “large-scale destabilization in multiple countries.” Along with the hackers were responsible for using disinformation to perpetuate socio-political discontent in Ukraine and the EU. The cybercriminals had magnetic discs containing personal data from mobile phones, SIM cards, and flash drives that exhibited evidence of these illicit operations.

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